Gene-to-Protein Service

CT-Express Gene-to-Protein (CT-GOP) service package includes gene synthesis, protein expression screening in E. coli, protein purification and delivery of >2mg purified protein (>75% purity) starting from $3000. Membrane and toxic proteins are excluded.

Just send us your target of interest, we will design the expression construct for you. Our experienced customer service scientists will evaluate your submitted protein sequence, guide you through the project and provide expert consulting at no additional charge.



Customer provide Deliverables Turnaround time Price
Protein sequence
  • •  Gene Synthesis/subcloning
  • •  Expression screening
  • •  Purification optimization
  • •  Tag-removal
  • •  QC by SDS PAGE
  • •  Full report
  • •  >4mg and >75% pure protein
6-8 weeks

Set up fee $1000*

Total $3000*

* For non-membrane and non-toxic proteins, less than 100 kDa. A $1000 set-up fee pre-payment is required to start the project. If the protein cannot be expressed or purified per project description, we will send a project summary report and only the set-up fee will be collected.                        * Activity not guaranteed. For activity testing, additional charges apply.                     * Delivery time may vary depending on protein. Please contact your customer service scientist for more details.

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