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Antibody based immunodetection methods remain the most powerful tool for analyzing protein function. Reliable antibodies are the cornerstone for immunological assay application. ProteinCT Biotechnologies provides a set of reliable antibodies for basic and advanced biological research, including anti-tag antibodies, loading control antibodies, secondary antibodies and primary antibodies covering major targets for cancer biology, cardiovascular research, stem cells, neurosciences and epigenetics, with an emphasis on cytokines and stem cells related studies.


Key Features:

  • High quality: High specificity and Low background
  • Convenient format: From trial sizes for low cost startup experiments to bulk orders
  • Wide applications: Western Blot, ELISA, IP, IHC, IF and more


Product List:


UltraSpecific anti-tag antibodies

Cat. No. Product Name Size Price
CTA0001 UltraSpecific Anti-His Tag mAb 100ug $200
CTA0002 UltraSpecific Anti-GST Tag mAb 100ug $200
CTA0003 UltraSpecific Anti-DYKDDDDK (FLAG) Tag mAb 100ug $200
CTA0004 UltraSpecific Anti-cMyc Tag mAb 100ug $200
CTA0005 UltraSpecific Anti-HA Tag mAb 100ug $200
CTA0006 UltraSpecific Anti-GFP Tag mAb 100ug $200
CTA0007 UltraSpecific Anti-Trx Tag mAb 100ug $200


Loading control antibodies

Cat. No. Product Name Size Price
CTA0008 Anti-α-Tublin mAb 100ug $200
CTA0009 Anti-Actin mAb 100ug $200
CTA0010 Anti-GAPDH mAb 100ug $200
CTA0011 Anti Annexin A1 pAb 100ug $200
CTA0012 Anti Histone H3.1 pAb 100ug $200
CTA0013 Anti PCNA pAb 100ug $200


Secondary antibodies and controls

Cat. No. Product Name Size Price
CTP0014 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG-HRP 1ml $200
CTP0015 Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG-HRP 1ml $200
CTP0016 Goat Anti-Rabbit & Mouse IgG-HRP 1ml $200
CTP0017 Rabbit Anti-Mouse IgG-HRP 1ml $200
CTP0018 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG 10mg $300
CTP0019 Mouse IgG 1mg $80
CTP0020 Rabbit IgG 1mg $80


Antibodies for cytokines and stem cells

Cat. No. Product Name Size Price
CTP0021 Anti Stem Cell Factor (SCF) pAb 100ul $450
CTP0022 Anti EGFR (phospho T693) pAb 100ul $450
CTP0023 Anti CXCR3 pAb 100ul $450
CTP0024 Anti TGF beta 1 pAb 100ul $450
CTP0025 Anti TGF beta Receptor II  pAb 100ul $450
CTP0026 Anti Notch 2 Intracellular Domain-Cleaved - Asp1733 pAb 100ul $450
CTP0027 Anti OCT1 pAb 100ul $450
CTP0028 Anti OCT4 (4B15) mAb 100ul $200
CTP0029 Anti VEGF mAb 100ul $200


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Quotation & Ordering:

  • For quotation requests and questions, you may contact us by email, phone, or via our secured online message system.
  • To order, simply fill out the order form and submit to: Orders can be placed by phone, email, fax, or online with a formal PO (Purchase Order) . You may contact us anytime for assistance.


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