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eFree onsite demo - Pyxis® Protein Transfer/Staining Systeme

Please contact us to set up a free onsite demo for the innovative Pyxis Protein Transfer/Staining System.

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eFree Samplese

The following free trial size samples are available for your evaluation, contact us ( today for details. We appreciate you send us feedback after the evaluation.

Category Cat. No. Product Name Size
Anti-tag antibodies   UltraSpecific Anti-His Tag mAb  
  UltraSpecific Anti-GST Tag mAb  
  UltraSpecific Anti-DYKDDDDK Tag mAb  
  UltraSpecific Anti-cMyc Tag mAb  
  UltraSpecific Anti-HA Tag mAb  
  UltraSpecific Anti-GFP Tag mAb  
  UltraSpecific Anti-Trx Tag mAb  
Loading control antibodies   Mouse Anti-α-Tublin mAb  
  Mouse Anti-Actin mAb  
PCR reagents   Generix PCR master mix  

* Limit 2 free samples per customer, requestor pays shipping and handling fees                      * While supplies last

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