LUNA™ Automated Cell Counter

Accurate cell counting is often required when handling mammalian cells, from routine cell culture, cell splitting to quantitative experiments such as qPCR. Counting chambers, more frequently referred to as hemocytometers, were the first method developed specifically for obtaining accurate cell counts. However, this method is labor intensive and time consuming. Built on innovative multi-plane focusing technology, together with unique software and hardware configurations, LUNA™ automated cell counter provides a quick, precise, accurate and cost effective alternative for cell counting. Get accurate cell counts in as little as 7 seconds, almost 5 times faster than other available commercial cell counter!

Key Features:

  • Fast: Innovative design enables cell counting in 7 seconds
  • Easy: Just load slides with cells and press “count”
  • Convenient: User friendly touch screen
  • Accurate: Count cell clusters with integrated enhanced de-clustering protocols
  • Affordable: Cost effective unit, plus slides at as low as $0.45 per count
  • Broad Application: Compatible with a wide selection of cell types
  • Conserve Sample: Only 10µl of sample is required
  • Count with Confidence: View cell images before and after counting
  • Count with Validation: Validate count accuracy using integrated “tag” featur








LUNA™ Automated Cell Counter – The Fastest Method Available

  LUNA Supplier B Supplier L
Sample volume 10 µl 10 µl 10 µl
Counting time 7 sec 30 sec 30 sec
Cost + ++ ++


Cat. No Product Name Size Price
CTM0011 LUNA™ automated cell counter 1 unit Inquire
CTM0012-1 Cell Counting Slides, 500 slides 10 boxes Inquire
CTM0012-2 Cell Counting Slides, 1000 slides 20 boxes Inquire
CTM0012-3 Cell Counting Slides, 2500 slides 50 boxes Inquire

Cell types successfully counted by LUNA™

Name Description Name Description
HEK293A Human embryonic kidney HEK293T Human embryonic kidney
BT-549 Human breast carcinoma CC-503(Chlamydomonas) Micro-algae chlamydomonas CC-503 strain
CHO(bioreactor culture) Chinese hamster ovary COS-7 Monkey kidney fibroblast
DAUDI Human lymphoblast GT1-7 Mouse hypothalamic neuron
HeLa Human cervix adenocarcinoma HL-60(100% viability) Human promyeloblast
HL-60(50 % viability) Human promyeloblast HL-60(high concentration) Human promyeloblast
HL-60(low viability) Human promyeloblast Hs-578-T Human ductal breast carcinoma
IMR-32 Human neuroblastoma Jurkat Human T lymphocyte
MCF 10A Human mammary epithelial MCF7 Human breast carcinoma
MDA-MB-231 Human breast carcinoma MDA-MB-436 Human breast carcinoma
MDA-MB-468 Human breast carcinoma MIA PaCa-2 Human pancreas carcinoma
N4(mHypoE-N4) Embryonic mouse hypothalamus N44(mHypoE-N44) Embryonic mouse hypothalamus
N7(mHypoE-N7) Embryonic mouse hypothalamus NIH3T3 Mouse embryonic fibroblast
SCN 2.2 Mouse immortalized suprachiasmatic nucleus SUM149PT Human breast carcinoma
U2OS Human osteosarcoma UWB1.289 Human ovarian carcinoma

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