mAb Library Service

The mAb library service applies proprietary antigen design and preparation technologies to generate a collection of monoclonal antibodies that guarantee the performance for user defined applications toward a target protein.


  • High specificity antibodies for a novel protein target
  • Antibodies recognized denatured proteins for applications such as western blot
  • Antibodies recognize native proteins for applications such as flow cytometry
  • A collection of antibodies covering a panel of surface exposed epitopes


Key Features:

  • Expedient: Delivery of a collection independent antibodies for a target protein in 4 months
  • Effective: High specificity, independent antibodies for a target protein
  • Economical: Each specific antibody at a fraction of the market cost


Selection Guide:

Customer provides: The sequence or accession number of the protein of interest and desired applications


We deliver:

  • A basic, plus, advanced or complete library will be designed according to protein abundance, origin and related factors.
  • 0.5mg of lyophilized ascites from each hybridoma cell line
  • 0.1mg of each peptide against which an antibody has been raised
  • (Optional) Purified mAbs, hyridoma cell lines, intellectual property rights


Library Option Applications Target Description
Basic WB, Western Blot;    IF, Immunofluorescence Relatively abundant proteins such as ribosomal proteins, cytoskeleton or structural proteins, enzymes and heat-shock proteins
Plus WB, Western Blot;    IF, Immunofluorescence Proteins of medium to low abundance such as membrane proteins (receptors, ion channels, etc.), kinases, regulatory proteins and transcription factors, plant or mouse proteins
Advanced IHC, Immunohistochemistry All protein types
Complete IP, Immunoprecipitation;     ChIP, Chromatin Immunoprecipitation;    FC, Flow Cytometry All protein types


Product List:

Library Option Cost per New mAbs Avg. No. of mAbs Avg. No. of mAb-yielding antigens Starting from Cost per cell line with full IP transfer
Basic $316 6 2-4 $1,899 $1,416
Plus $266 9 3-6 $2,399 $1,266
Advanced $275 12 4-8 $3,299 $708
Complete $235 20 8-12 $4,699 $570

*Libraries are delivered at a shipping cost of $150 per package.                       *Single antibody and single cell line are also available at $799/mg and $1,999/line, respectively.                       *Owners of Full Packages may purchase additional mAbs at a discounted price of $399/mg.






Overview of mAb library service technologies

Antibodies recognize specific epitopes presented on a protein, including continuous linear sequences and discontinuous structurally proximate elements. Naturally produced monoclonal antibodies usually targets one epitope per mAb clone, and it is hard to find one antibody applicable for all applications, such as western blot or flow cytometry, that recognizes epitope presented in both denatured state as well as the native fold of a protein.

In traditional approaches for antibody generation, when peptides are used as antigens, usually only one single sequence is applied to represent one epitope, which may not yield any antibody useful; or alternatively when proteins are applied as antigens, some epitopes may be more dominate than others in generating antibodies, leading to very limited diversity, and would sometimes “fail” in high-end applications like flow cytometry and immunoprecipitation.

With a unique SEAL™ technology based library approach, the above mentioned limitations are overcome with a library of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) targeting many representative antigens of a protein, as exposed, disordered and unique fragments of the protein target termed “SEAL™ antigens” (Figure 1). These short fragments tend to be unstructured and accessible in their natural states, so that mAbs raised against them are more likely to recognize the native protein.

The affinity of mAbs would be further enhanced with advanced technologies in antigen preparation and immunization. Linear peptide epitope sequences may result in low affinity antibodies. With a proprietary immunogenicity-amplified antigen display technology, where repetitive peptide antigens are expressed in E. coli as Immunogenicity Enhancement Factors (IEF, for example, multiple T epitopes) fusions, resulting in particulate, highly immunogenic recombinant proteins that sample the surface of the target protein (Figure2), high affinity antibody library can be achieved.


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Quotation & Ordering:

  • For quotation requests and questions, you may contact us by email, phone, or via our secured online message system.
  • To order, simply fill out the quotation/order form and submit to: Orders can be placed by phone, email, fax, or online with a formal PO (Purchase Order) . You may contact us anytime for assistance.


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