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Protein engineering by making a collection of protein variants is a powerful method for the study of protein function and structure, as well as for modifying the activity and property of a protein. With increased availability of protein-sequence-structure-functional relationships, rational design can now yield more predictable results, however, screening of focused or random collections of protein variants are necessary in many cases for achieving desired property of a protein target. When the goal is clear, brute force approach with significant investment in time and effort often leads to success.

At ProteinCT Biotechnologes, we will conduct the labor intensive and time consuming steps for you, from the construction of protein variants, screening for expression and functional analysis in E. coli. Just define your target and what you want to achieve, we will deliver a collections of protein variants tailored to your target. Our experienced service scientists will work with you to design the variant collection, assist you on an efficient screening process and if needed, conduct the screening experiments for you.


  • Increase protein production level
  • Improve protein (enzyme) stability and activity
  • Improve antibody production level and properties
  • Improve/alter enzyme substrate specificity
  • Improve/alter protein binding properties


Key Features:

  • Time and cost efficient: Set your target and goal, we do the repetitive work for you
  • Flexibility: Customized service to meet your requirements
  • Professional support: Experienced scientists for optimal design and data analysis


Service List:

  • Customer provides sequence or accession number of target of interest, project goal and desired variants coverage if available
  • The customized service package delivers purified variant construct DNA and a full screening report


Milestones Specifications Turnaround Time
1. Variants construction by Gene synthesis Gene synthesis for rational or randomized variants 10 days
2. Subcloning Subcloning into expression vector 10 days
3. Expression screening in E. coli High-throughput protein expression screening 15 days
4. Purification by affinity tag High-throughput protein 1-step affinity purification 15 days

* His tag is the preferred choice for expression and purification

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Quotation & Ordering:

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  • To order, simply download the quotation/order form and submit to: Orders can be placed by phone, email, fax, or online with a formal PO (Purchase Order) . You may contact us anytime for assistance.


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