Bacterial Expression System

The bacterial protein expression system is the most widely applied expression system for producing recombinant proteins. The advantages of E. coli expression system are low cost, high expression level, ease of scale up, and a short turnaround time. However, expression level and solubility are two main bottlenecks for E. coli expression. Our unique codon optimization and parallel screening process can significantly improve protein expression level, while our proprietary refolding methods can significantly increase success rate for protein solublization and yield. With over 1000 batches of protein delivered, supported by our experienced services scientists, ProteinCT provides services to meet your research needs.

Our CT-Express Gene-to-Protein service provides guarantees to our clients to deliver a minimum of 4 mg of purified soluble protein starting from $3000. With a minimum set up fee, we will evaluate protein expression and screening for optimized conditions. If the target protein cannot be purified to guaranteed level, no additional charge will be applied.

In addition, we also offer CT-Express Custom Protein Service, a fully customized service with selections including but not limited large scale fermentation and production, isotopic labeling, refolding and process development.


Key Features:

  • High productivity, efficiency, flexible scalability
  • Unique solutions for E. coli expression: Proprietary technologies for high yield, soluble, folded protein production in E. coli, the most cost-effective expression system
  • Codon optimization: Proprietary methods to enhance protein yield
  • Protein variant screening: Expression screening and optimization for protein variants in E. coli
  • Professional support: Our experienced scientist will serve as your personal consultant from design to delivery, free of charge

CT-Express Gene-to-Protein Service: Starting from $3000

CT-Express Gene-to-Protein (CT-GOP) service package includes gene synthesis, protein expression screening in E. coli, protein purification and delivery of >4mg purified protein (>75% purity) starting from $3000. Membrane and toxic proteins are excluded.

Just send us your target of interest, we will design the expression construct for you. Our experienced customer service scientists will evaluate your submitted protein sequence, guide you through the project and provide expert consulting at no additional charge.

  • Gene synthesis with codon optimization
  • Expression screening and optimization
  • 2 liters of bacterial cell culture
  • Induce cells with IPTG and cell harvesting for purification
  • Purify protein with or without tag by affinity column, gel filtration, ion exchange, or hydrophobic column
  • (Optional) Removal of fusion/purification tag
  • QC by SDS PAGE analysis
Customer provide Deliverables Turnaround time Price
Protein sequence
  • •  Codon optimization
  • •  Gene Synthesis/subcloning
2-4 weeks

Set up fee $1500*

Total $3000*

Expression ready clone
  • •  Expression screening
  • •  Purification optimization
  • •  Optional: Tag-removal
  • •  QC by SDS PAGE
  • •  Full report
  • •  >4mg and >75% pure protein
4-8 weeks

* For non-membrane and non-toxic proteins, less than 100 kDa. A $1500 set-up fee pre-payment is required to start the project. If the protein cannot be expressed or purified per project description, we will send a project summary report and only the set-up fee will be collected.                        * Activity not guaranteed. For activity testing, additional charges apply.                     * Delivery time may vary depending on protein. Please contact your customer service scientist for more details.

CT-Express Custom Protein Services

For CT-Express Custom Protein service package, send us description of your target and your desired outcome of the project, our experienced service scientists will evaluate your request, design the package, guide you through the project and provide expert consulting at no additional charge.

Service Options Price
  • •  Codon optimization
  • •  Gene synthesis/subcloning
  • •  Expression screening and optimization
  • •  Purification screening and optimization
  • •  Tag-removal
  • •  QC by SDS PAGE, western blot, mass spec, etc
  • •  Process development
  • •  Protein refolding
  • •  Metabolic labeling with stable isotopes (13C and 15N)
  • •  Biotinylation
  • •  Protein characterization and functional analysis
  • •  Protein engineering and variant construction

*Cost and delivery time vary depending on protein. Please contact your customer service scientist for more details.

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