Mammalian Expression System

Advantages of Mammalian cells based expression include comprehensive post-translational modifications, glycosylation for secreted glycoproteins as well as native machinery for proper folding and activity. Mammalian cells are extensively applied for the production of recombinant mammalian proteins, antibodies, virus, and gene-therapy vectors. We offer a selection of proprietary mammalian expression systems when protein folding is crucial for downstream applications.

Transient protein expression is becoming an important process to identify and screen expression constructs and optimize conditions, especially important for drug discovery projects. Scale up production using transient expression also has become feasible and widely applied. Our CT-Express Customized Mammalian service offers choices of transient protein expression service with fast production and stable expression cell line service to deliver highly expressing single clone. Scale up production of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies to gram levels are also available.


Key Features:

  • High Productivity: Proprietary vectors support high-level expression of proteins in mammalian cells for the yield up to 200mg/L
  • Two Expression Options: Transient transfection and/or stable cell expression
  • Large-Scale Production: Serum-free suspension cell culture (HEK293 and CHO) allows for gram scale protein production within one month
  • Large Capacity: 10 transient expression projects can be conducted in parallel
  • Codon Optimization: Proprietary methods to enhance protein yield
  • Professional Support: Our experienced scientist will serve as your personal consultant from design to delivery, free of charge

CT-Express Custom Mammalian Proteins

With CT-Express Custom Protein service package, simply send us description of your target and your desired outcome of the project, our experienced service scientist will evaluate your request, design the package, guide you through the project and provide expert consulting at no additional charge.

Category Service Specifications Price
Transient Expression and Purification
  • •  Cloning and Expression: Subclone gene of interest into suitable mammalian cell transient expression vector
  • •  Transient transfection, expression evaluation, and optimization
Stable Expression Cell Lines
  • •  Transient transfection and selection for stably transfected cells
  • •  Cell line development for pools of stable cells
  • •  Cell line development by screening and expansion of high-expressing single clone

* Gene synthesis will be charged at $0.4/bp; subcloning at $195                        * Construct and optimize expression: $1000                  * Activity not guaranteed. For activity testing, additional charges apply                     * Delivery time may vary depending on protein. Please contact your customer service scientist for more details

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