Custom Polyclonal Antibodies

ProteinCT’s polyclonal services provide a quick way to obtain reliable antibodies for protein functional analysis. We offer CT-pAb Gene-to-Antibody service, where we will start from the gene sequence, design peptide antigens or prepare protein antigen after analyzing protein sequence and taking consideration of customer desired downstream applications. Just submit your target of interest, we will deliver at least 10mg of antibody of greater than 95% purity with guaranteed >1:8000 ELISA Titer Result.

CT-pAb Gene-to-Antibody service

  • Customer provides: Target protein sequence or accession number
  • Final deliverables: ≥10mg of antibody with greater than 95% purity with Guaranteed >1:8000 ELISA Titer Result
  • Starting from $5000* (with a minimal $2500 set up fee)
Service Service specifications Turnaround time
CT-pAb Gene-to-Antibody service
  • • Antigen preparation: Gene synthesis; protein expression screening/optimization; Purification of >85% 5mg or more pure protein and/or peptide design and synthesis
  • • Immunization: 2 rabbits 10weeks; Boosts 5 times over 10 weeks; Periodical testing until anti-sera titer is at 1:8000; Harvest of 100ml pooled sera
  • • Purification: Affinity purification by immobilized antigen or protein A resin
18-23 weeks

* Gene synthesis will be charged at $0.40/bp; subcloning at $195                  * For non-membrane and non-toxic proteins, less than 100 kDa.                 * Peptide synthesis from $20/aa                    * Peptide (5mg) - KLH conjugation from $199                 * Affinity purification starting from $299

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