Protein Characterization

The conformation, modification, structure and interaction network of proteins, each and when combined, provide unique information to the understanding of their function. ProteinCT offers a suite of services for characterizing proteins in purified or complex forms. With the availability of a variety of biophysical methods, our services are designed to identify and verify protein molecular weight, sequence, modifications and protein complexes.


Key Features:

  • Reliable Identification: A variety of methods to check protein identity - intact protein MW, tryptic digested peptide MS pattern and N-terminal sequencing
  • Comprehensive Analysis Platform: Mass spec analysis, N-terminal sequencing, protein conformation by circular dichroism (CD), protein metal content analysis
  • Custom Solutions: We help you select and design services for optimal outcome


Service List:

  • Protein Identification Services: This service portfolio directly addresses the need to identify and verify a protein of interest, whether purified or isolated from gels. We offer intact protein mass analysis, peptide mass pattern analysis after protease digest and N-terminal sequencing to further validate protein of interest. More...
  • Protein Modification and Conformation Analysis Services: This service portfolio covers protein posttranslational modification analysis (eg, phosphorylation, glycosylation and methylation), protein conformation analysis by Circular Dichorism (CD) and the analysis of metal co-factors. More...
Category Services Application
Protein Identification Services Protein MW determination service Determine molecular weight of a protein
Protein ID service Identify proteins using tryptic digest followed by MS analysis of peptides
N-terminal sequencing Identify protein N-terminal sequence
Modification and Conformation Analysis Services Protein PTM analysis service Identify Posttranslational modifications(PTM)- phosphorylation, glycosylation and methylation
Protein conformation analysis service Protein secondary structure analysis by Circular Dichorism (CD)
Protein Elemental Content Analysis Identify metal co-factors in a protein by ICP-OES


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