SAR-By-NMR Service

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a technique for solving protein and nucleic acid structures as well as evaluating protein dynamics and complex formation. We offer a milestone based structure determination service by NMR spectroscopy, Structure-Activity-Relationships-by-NMR, with options for protein compound binding screenings. The progress of each project is evaluated at each milestone point and communicated to the customer. Delivery timeline is project dependent.

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Phase of Project Milestones Service Specifications Deliverables
I. Protein production Cloning and expression optimization
  • • Gene synthesis with codon optimization
  • • Subclone into expression vector(s)
  • • Expression screening
  • • Expression condition optimization
  • • Report of fully optimized sequence
  • • Record of cloning and expression screening optimization
15N/13C Isotope labeling and protein production
  • • Protein expression at scales for generating sufficient quantities of 15N/13C Isotope labeled target protein
  • • Optimized purification for high quality protein production
  • • QC by SDS-PAGE
High purity 15N/13C Isotope labeled protein >95% pure, ready for NMR experiments
II. NMR structure determination Folding screening by 15N HSQC 15N HSQC screening for best data collection conditions Report of screening conditions and results, including 15N HSQC spectra
NMR data collection
  • • Backbone Assignments
  • • Sidechain assignments
  • • NOE-derived distance restraints and J-coupling-derived dihedral angle restraints
  • • Residual dipolar couplings
NMR data
NMR solution structure calculation Structure determination with proprietary automated and manually adjusted software programs Structure ensemble
III. Protein dynamics, disorder, stability analysis (optional) Data collection Data collection NMR data
Analysis of user-specified parameter Determination of requested parameters Detailed report of user-specified parameters
IV. Protein Complex determination and functional analysis; Protein-Protein , Protein/Nucleic Acid complex analysis (optional) Preparation of protein complex
  • • Titration of ligand
  • • Determining best complex conditions
NMR data and report
Protein binding site determination
  • • Chemical shift perturbation studies/Xfiltered NOESY anaylsis
  • • Structure analysis
Report of binding characteristics including structure representation
Complex structure determination Milestones and steps refer to phase I-III
  • • Protein Structure ensemble
  • • Structure Analysis Report
  • • NMR data


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